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feature scripts optioned / in development

feature scripts optioned:

Out There
 optioned by
Blue Iris Films, Edinburgh

Out There was selected as a project in development to be pitched at a panel of financiers, distributors and producers at the Glasgow Film Festival 2017.

Out There was selected as one of eight feature films in development, to take part in the European Genre Forum, 2017.

Best Evidence
optioned by
Cavendish Fante Picture Company
Santa Barbara, CA

optioned by
Breakneck Films, London

other feature script activity:

'Just Cause'

Thriller feature, 'Just Cause', has been added by Amazon Studios to their Notable Projects List -

It also reached the final stage of the BBC Script Room (4) submissions process (45 scripts from almost 3,000 submissions).

in development with
Edinburgh based Director, 
David Lumsden and Producer, Andy Maas

Prion has been taken as a project in development to - 

the Edinburgh International Film Festival Talent Lab, 2013, 
with by Dir. David Lumsden, and 

the International Film Festival Rotterdam Talent Lab, 2014,
with Prod. Andy Maas

the Toronto International Film Festival Talent Lab, 2015,
with Prod. Andy Maas

and the script reached the Quarterfinal Stage of the Bahamas International Film Festival Screenwriters Residency Programme, 2015