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Looking forward to being out at the Berlinale.
Be there between 16th and 19th February with 
Chris Patterson from Irish production company, 
Causeway Pictures, with a new project in development. 
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#26, 26 Childrens Winters Exhibition, Museum of Childhood Edinburgh,
#26, It's Good 2 Give, Museum of Childhood Edinburgh, Children's cancer
#sugarwater, Breakneck Films, Graeae,
12 Angry Filmmakers, Duncan Finnigan, Buckfast
26 Treasures, Arthur's Seat miniature coffins, National Museum of Scotland, Burke and Hare
26 Treasures, British Book Design and Production Awards.
26 Treasures, National Museum of Scotland, Arthur's Seat miniature coffins
26, #26winters, @26characters, It's Good 2 Give, Museum of Childhood Edinburgh
26Treasures, National Museum of Scotland, Arthur Seat miniature coffins
26Treasures, National Museum of Scotland, BBC Radio Scotland, The Book Cafe, Radio 4, Woman's Hour
Africa First, Focus Features, Caroline Kamya, Needs
Alistair Rutherford, Wildsound Feature Screenplay Comp, Edinburgh Skillset Screen and Media Academy
Amazon Studios, Just Cause
Amazon Studios, Notable Project
Amine Yahia Cherif, Needs
App-Media, Persona
App-Media, Persona, iTunes, launch
App-Media, Persona, trailer
Arthur Cant, Incendies, Heartland Film Society, Aberfeldy
Arthur Cant, Short Com, Banshee Labyrinth
Arthur Cant, The Troubador, Jesse Quinnones, Fabio Dominguez
Arthur Cant, Woolfcub Productions, Quinones brothers
Arthur Cant, Woolfcub Productions, Tony Easley, Virgin Media Shorts
Arthur Cant, Write Shoot Cut, Neil Rolland, Jesse Quinnones, Fabio Dominguez
Bafta lecture series
Bahamas International Film Festival, Screenwriters Residency, Prion, David Lumsden, Andy Maas,
Barbican Cinema, The Neighbours, New UK Talent, East End Film Festival.
BBC Radio Scotland, The Book Cafe, 26 Treasures, National Museum of Scotland, NMS
BBC Writers Academy,
BBC Writersroom, Script Room 4, Just Cause
BBC Writersroom, Script Room, Paul Ashton
Ben Macleod, Jonathan Readwin, Jon Readwin, Edge Haine Film Productions
Ben Ridolfi, Phil Derham, Rite of Passage
Berlinale, Causeway Pictures,
Best wishes for 2014
BFI Shorts, Ben Ridolfi, Phil Derham.
Black Watch, Gregory Burke, Rothes Halls, Glenrothes, Fife
Bluecat Screenplay Competition, Just Cause
Boat, Blue Iris Films, David Lumsden, Katie Crook
Brady Hood, Eva Riley, Screen International, Stars of Tomorrow
Brady Hood, Small Gifts, Plagium, Edinburgh Reporter
Brady Hood, Write Shoot Cut, Smal Gifts, Plagium, Ewan Mulligan
Brave, EIFF
Breakneck Films, Hidden Fears, Jo Lewis, Sam Callis
Breakneck Films, Jo Lewis, Fears and Regrets
Breakneck Films, Nicola Daley, Pandion
Breakneck Films, Pandion, Jo Lewis
Breakneck Films, Pandion, Jo Lewis, thriller, Glasgow, Scottish
British Urban Film Festival, Arthur Cant, Jesse Quinones, Fabio Dominguez,
Broke But Making Films, Greg Hall, Paul Stevens, Plagium, Jason Flemyng, Write Shoot Cut
BUFF, British Urban Film Festival, Fabio Dominguez, Arthur Cant,
Calloused Hands, Andre Royo, Daisy Haggard, Hans Howes
Calloused Hands, Andre Royo, Hans Howes, Daisy Haggard, Jese Quinnones, British Urban Film Festival
Calloused Hands, Jesse Quinnones, Woolfcub, blogtalkradio
Calloused Hands, Jesse Quinones, Fabio Dominguez, Andre Royo, Hans Howes
Calloused Hands, Miami New Times, Jesse Quinnones, Fabio Domingues
Camberwell Free Film Festival, Camberwell Shorts, Arthur Cant, Jesse Quinnones, Fabio Dominguez
Caroline Kamya, Imani, BFI Shorts
Cascade Pictures, Writers Couch
Cavendish Fante Picture Company, John V Fante, Kirsten Cavendish, Best Evidence
Cavendish Fante, Best Evidence, Jim Mackintosh, JC Mackintosh Photography
Clare Kerr, Mead Kerr,
COFILMIC, Arthur Cant, Woolfcub Productions, Jesse Quinnones, Fabio Dominguez
David Bishop, The Book cafe, Radio 4,
David Lumsden, Boat
David Lumsden, Boat, Glasgow Short Film Festival, GSFF
David Lumsden, Katie Crook
David Neville, BBC Radio
David Ross, David Ross Elliott, Kate Moss, Jason Flemyng, BBC, Plagium
Deep Fried Film Festival, The Neighbours
DLT Entertainment
Dog Pound, Kim Chapiron, Georges Bermann, Adam Butcher, Shane Kippel, Mateo Morales, Taylor Poulin
Dominion Cinema, Edinburgh Short Film Festival, Jason Flemyng, Plagium
East End Film Festival 2011, The Neighbours, Peter Mullan
Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Multiple Choice, The Spaces, Surgeons Hall, Edinburgh
Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Scottish Sperm, Megan Channell, Dylan Lamb, Samantha Steinmetz,
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2013, EIFF 2013.
Edinburgh Short Film Festival, On Another Nore, Emma Dove, The Spot, Alexandre Philippe
Edinburgh Short Film Festival, Plagium, Jason Flemyng, Brady Hood
Edinburgh Skillset Screen and Media Academy, David Bishop, Radio 4, The Book Cafe
EIFF 2015, Laura Anderson, Mandy Lee, The Legend of Barney Thomson
EIFF Network, Creative Scotland, EIFF, Kate Leys
EIFF Network, EIFF, Creative Scotland, Skillset
EIFF Network, EIFFNetwork, Creative Scotland, Skillset
EIFF, EIFFNetwok, Kate Leys
EIFFNetwork, Network, Cineuropa
Elly Fairman, Ewen Mulligan
European Genre Forum, EGF, David Lumsden, Katie Crook
European Genre Forum, Out There
European Genre Forum, Zagreb, Out There, David Lumsden, Katie Crook, Blue Iris Films
Eva Longoria, Global Gift Foundation, Tav MacDougall,
Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition, Fears and Regrets
Glasgow Film Festival, Out There, David Lumsden, Katie Crook, European Genre Forum, EGF
goNORTH, Small Gifts, Plagium, Arthur Cant, Brady Hood, Jesse Quinnones
Greg Hall, distribution, Communion, Chris Jones
Greg Hall, Paul Marlon, Paul Stevens, Ana Gonzalez Bello, Broke But Making Films, Communion
Hanna, Cate Blanchett, Eric Bana, Joe Wright
Heartland Film Society, Aberfely Film Festival, Palme Dewar Short Film Competition, Arthur Cant,
Heartland Film Society, The Birks Cinema, Aberfeldy, Incendies, Arthur Cant
Ian Rankin, Janice Forsyth, BBC Radio Scotland, Culture Show
Inverness Film Festival, Peter Mullan, The Neighbours
i-On magazine, Frank Deasy.
Ivana Mackinnon, Kate Leys, Network
Ivana Mackinnon, The Network
James Deegan, Once a Pilgrim, Harper Collins
Jason Flemyng, Azazel, X-Men:First Class, Plagium
Jason Flemyng, Elly Fairman, Plagium, Shooting People, Mark Cousins
Jason Flemyng, Mark Cousins, Shooting People, Plagium
Jason Flemyng, Plagium, Shooting People
Jeff Bernstein, Composer, Scottish, White China
Jesse Quinnones, Woolfcub Films, Calloused Hands, Arthur Cant
Jesse Quinones
Jim Broadbent, EIFF
Jim Gordon, Jim Mackintosh, photography
Jim Jarmusch, Film-making advice, Movie Maker
John Waters, Shooting People, Small Gifts, Brady Hood, Joe Wright,
John Waters, Small Gifts, Shooting People, Film of the Month, Joe Wright
Just Cause, BBC Script Room, Amazon Studios, Thriller script
Kajaki, Mark Wright Project
Kajaki, Mark Wright, George Cross, Gareth Ellis-Unwin, pukka films
Kate Leys, Bafta, Bafta Guru, EIFF Network
Kate Leys, EIFF Network, Creative Scotland, Skillset
Kate Leys, EIFF Network, Filmhouse
Keith Storrier
Killing Time, EIFF, Alan MacKenzie, Multiple Choice, Fiona Johnston, Lindsay McGee
Kristel Elling, Persona, Captain America
Landed Festival, Small Gifts, Plagium, Arthur Cant
Laura Anderson, See Short Films, Small Gifts, Brady Hood
Like Locard, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Venue 53, John Yule
Like Locard, John Yule
Like Locard, Multiple Choice, John Yule, the Spaenue 53, Edinburgh Fringe, 2011
Like We Used To, Monica Gonzalez-Carter, Francesca Alber
Limelight Film Awards, Arthur Cant, Jesse Quinnones, Fabio Dominguez, Woolfcub Productions
Limelight Film Awards, Arthur Cant, Munsur Ali, London Radio
Limelight Film Awards, Plagium, Daniel Kontur, Night In A Hotel
Limelight Film Awards, Plagium, Jason Flemyng, Brady Hood
Limelight Film Awards, The French House, Big Joe Egan
Little Brother Productions, Little Brother's Big Opportunity,
London Screenwriters Festival 2015, LSF
Love Cake, Mandy Lee, Eleanor Yule, Selena Darke, Screen Academy Scotland
Low Winter Sun, Mark Strong, Lennie James, Fox, FoxHD, Detroit, Frank Agnew, Joe Geddes
Malcolm Lindsay, Taggart
Mandy Lee
Mandy Lee, Love Cake, Aesthetica Film Festival, Selina Boyack,
Mandy Lee, Playwrights Studio Scotland, Masterbaker, The Nine
Manike Music, MaryAnne Tedstone, Michael Tedstone
Mark Wright Project
Miami International Film Festival, Calloused Hands, Jesse Quinnones, Andre Royo
Multiple Choice, drug use, Scottish Prisons, ARIA, play
Multiple Choice, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Tav MacDougall, Byre Theatre, St Andrews,
Multiple Choice, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Tav McDougal, Susan Coyle, Kirsty Strachan, Gem Ruzzak,
Multiple Choice, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, The Spaces at Surgeons Hall,
Multiple Choice, Gregory Burke, Black Watch, Edinburgh Festival Fringe,
Multiple Choice, Kirkcaldy
Multiple Choice, Scottish Prisons, North Edinburgh Arts Centre, ARIA
Needs, Amine Yahia Cherif
New York Post, Kate Moss, David Ross Elliott, Plagium, Jason Flemyng.
No Dogs, Fragments, Terri-Ann Brumby
No Mean City, Edge Haine Productions
Open Pitch, Glasgow Film Festival, Blue Iris Films, Katie Crook, David Lumsden, Out There
Out There, Blue Iris Films, David Lumsden, Andrei Staruiala
Out There, Blue Iris Films, European Genre Forum, EGF
Out There, Blue Iris Films, Western Isles, David Lumsden,
Palme Dewar, Jesse Quinnones, Fabio Dominguez, Arthur Cant
Pandion, Breakneck Productions,
Persona Season 2, Casting Call
Peter Mullan, Edinburgh Short Film Festival, Cameo Cinema, The Neighbours
Peter Mullan, Harry Potter
Peter Mullan, Neds, Close
Plagium, Brady Hood, Explosive Sudios, Jason Flemyng, Apollo Cinema
Plagium, Brady Hood, Knighthood Films, Explosive Studios
Plagium, Brady Hood, Manike Music, Explosive Studios
Plagium, Jason Flemyng
Plagium, Jason Flemyng, Elizabeth Holland, Brady Hood, Joe Wright, Explosive Studios
Plagium, Jason Flemyng, Joe Wright, Seth Lochhead
Plagium, Jason Flemyng, Loch Ness Film Festival, Brady Hood
Plagium, MovieBar, Brighton, Jason Flemyng
Plagium, Soul4Reel, Scotland, 6 Nations, Jason Flemyng
Police Drama, Cop shows, Line of duty
Prion, David Lumsden
Prion, EIFF 2013, David Lumsden
Prion, EIFF Directors Lab, Rotterdam Producers Lab, David Lumsden, Maas
Projection blog, The Neighbours, Peter Mullan, Miriam Grace Lee
Reed,, Ben Ridolfi, Quest
Ricky Gervais, Golden Globes
Ricky Gervais, Scotland on Sunday, The Office
Rite of Passage, Pet Productions, Phillip Derham, Ben Ridolfi
Robert Durrant, The Wake Crasher, The Reluctant Killer, Amazon books
Ross, Bethan
Scottish Screenwriters, Comedy Writing Opportunity
Screenwriting Goldmine Competition, Contact
Self Help, James Page
Sharlit Deyzac
Shorts on Tap, Measure of the Senses, Juno, Shoreditch, London
Shorts on Tap, Peter Mullan, Vicki Masson, The Neighbours, Juno
Skyline Review
Sleepwalkers International Student and Short Film Festival, Peter Mullan, Vicki Masson, David MacKay
Small Gifts
Small Gifts, Brady Hood, Films Short Competition, Explosive Films, Shoebox Films, Joe Wright
Small Gifts, Brady Hood, Underground Cinema, Dun Laighaire
Small Gifts, Plagium, Films Short, Jason Flemyng, Joe Wright, Brady Hood
Small Gifts, Shooting People, Film of the Month
Soul 4 Reel, Plagium, Jason Flemyng, Brady Hood, Explosive Films, Shoebox Films
Spread the Word, Ben Ridolfi, Phil Derham, short film competition.
Stanley Tucci, Fortitude, Simon Donald, Tiger Aspect
Stanley Tucci, Sofie Grabol, Christopher Eccleston, Michael Gambon, Richard Dormer, Fortitude
Startacus, Scottish Screenwriter
Terri-Ann Brumby, The Benefit of Time, Radio 4, Afternoon Drama
The Benefit of Time, Terri-Ann Brumby, New Wimbledon Theatre
The Byre Theatre, St Andrews, Multiple Choice
The Byre, St Andrews, Multiple Choice,
The Coaching HGouse, Jo Calman, BBC Writersroom
The Drayton Arms South Kensington,
The Fear, Peter Mullan, Richard Cottan, Michael Samuels,
The First Movie, Mark Cousins, Gill Parry, Iraq,
The Frank Deasy Award, Looking after Jo Jo, David McKay, The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart,
The Grind
The Last Straw, Amine Cherif,
The Lewis Coastal Film Festival, The Neighbours, Peter Mullan
The National Theatre of Scotland, The Strange Undoing of Prudentia Hart, David Greig, David McKay
The Neighbours, Adelaide Film Festival, Peter Mullan
The Neighbours, Peter Mullan, Gary Lewis, Davy McKay, Southside Film Festival, Close, Fridge
The Neighbours, Peter Mullan, Vicky Masson, Adelaide Film Festival
The Neighbours, Southside Film Festival, Karen O'Hare, Peter Mullan, Davy McKay
The Neighbours, The Lewis Coasta Film Festival, Peter Mullan
Tidings, Edinburgh, cinematic, post-metal
Tiger Aspect
Tom Hardy, Once a Pilgrim, James Deegan
Torn, Craig James Concur, Outlander, Robert Williamson
Torn, Craig-James Moncur, Robert Williamson, Jordanna Kielty-O'Neil, Gareth Morrison, Martin Dick
Torn, Filmhouse, Relentless Collective, Robert Williamson, Gareth Morrison, Martin Dick,
Torn, John Kielty, Gareth Morrison, Craig-James Moncur, Martin Dick, Robert Williamson, Restless
Torn, Mindfield Film Festival,
Troubador Club, Arthur Cant, Woolfcub Productions, Jesse Quinnones, Fabio Dominguez
Tulalip Tribes Legacy of Healing, Small Gifts, Cabrini Artero
University of the West of Scotland, School of Creative and Cultural Industries,
Virgin Media Shorts, Arthur Cant, Woolfcub Productions
Virgin Media Shorts, Fabio Dominguez, Arthur Cant, Indie Friendly
Virgin Media Shorts, Woolfcub Productions, Arthur Cant
Whats Your Persona, Whatsyourpersona, Persona
Woolfcub Productions, Commonwealth Broadcast Association, Jesse Daniel Quinones, The Shoeshine Girls
Woolfcub Productions, Fabio Dominguez, Arthur Cant,
Write Shoot Cut Awards
Write Shoot Cut, Neil Rolland
Write Shoot Cut, Neil Rolland, Plagium, Jason Flemyng, Brady Hood
Write Shoot Cut, Plagium, Jason Flemyng, Neil Rolland, Brady Hood
Zina Semenova, Film Career, short script advice, how to write a short script
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